4 March 2015

March'in Forward

Its March! Blimey the year is marching along! So I better catch up before I get whisked along too quickly. I set March as a deadline for my 2015 Resolutions I am going to reschedule a few with a new May deadline.

  • Put money into an ISA - not done - the rental deposit for a lovely new flat knocked me off my intended goal - but will do it by May
  • Lose 7lbs - I have lost 4lbs, next 3 have to go by May!
  • Book a yoga retreat and holiday with D - Deposit for peak district holiday pending on Friday, yoga retreat...not yet, finances have taken a big hit. I will get to a yoga retreat one day!
  • Do yoga at the location of each conference trip I attend - I enjoyed 2 lovely classes in Manchester whilst visiting for a conference
  • Study 1 hour of yoga theory per week - can be class structure, history or anatomy - Lots of exciting yoga plans coming up, I've had fun planning new classes.

28 January 2015

Exciting Lists

I'm delighted to have the opportunity to tick off some goals from my lists. (and add back in just as many new ones!)

Of my Yoga teaching goals I have 
  • Earnt back my training and registration costs (and extras like business cards and mats) approx. £600 
  • Have my own website - sentiayoga.com
  • All that remains is to teach at an Om Yoga show
  • almost saved the amount I want to put into an ISA
  • I have lost 4 lbs
  • Made plans to go on a yoga weekend in Las Vegas and go on holiday to Scotland with D
  • Went for coffee with CH and has a fabulous time catching up!
  • All set to meet up with E - in Manchester
  • A doing well to Study 1 hour of yoga theory per week - can be class structure, history or anatomy

Las Vegas To Dos
I'll be in Las Vegas at the end of May for an event I'm organising with work
i'm finally getting into the swing of my job and am going to celebrate by making the most of my time stateside :)

  • In Vegas May 30th - june 4th
  • Check out Forum shops and Malls
  • See a Show
  • I've found a retreat I'll attend for the weekend June 5th-7th, in Big Sur
  • Then I'll go explore San Francisco
  • Go to Yoga Tree San francisco, See the Japanese Garden and the Golden Gate Bridge


29 December 2014

Monday Musings

Its Monday December 29th, a perfect time to have a restful contemplation of how things are going and how I want to tackle things anew in the new year. I'm snuggled up on a sofa as I type, christmas carols still going and christmas tree lights still on - I'm making the most of the last few days of my festive season.

Along with other things I have found infinitely more challenging and stressful than I imagined, my plans for Progress have really struggled and fallen apart (just like me!)

But one must go on, its all we can do. So I'll make some lists, because that always makes me feel better!

I had to rethink my ideas about going to Crossfit three times a week, it was unreasonable perhaps to think I could keep up that schedule. So here is version 2:

Monday -  Crossfit
Tuesday - Crossfit and Yoga @ YMCA
Wednesday - alternate weeks: Yoga with Bath School of Yoga or Rest day
Thursday - Rest day or Run
Friday - Yoga and/or Run
Saturday - Whatever comes up, be it shopping, walking, climbing or duvet day!
Sunday - Teaching Yoga and Climbing

My 2015 resolutions, with a deadline of March 2015

  • Put money into an ISA
  • lose 7lbs
  • book a yoga retreat and holiday with D
  • Go for coffee with CH
  • Meet up with E - in Manchester
  • Do yoga at the location of each conference trip I attend
  • Study 1 hour of yoga theory per week - can be class structure, history or anatomy

6 November 2014


I laid out some Autumn Goals, in late September, so lets have quick check-in:

  1. Lose weight. My goal is to lose a stone over the next 4 months or so (goal 22)
  2. Engage fully with my job for my 3 month probation, and beyond (related to goal 57)
  3. Now I will no longer be using the university gym - settle into new exercise regime inc. cross fit, yoga, running and Bath YMCA classes
1 - I joined a weight loss club with Nourish, and its involved a lot of slip ups and breaking the rules! but as of todays weigh in I have lost 4 lbs, this is going to be a slow steady process and I have a lot to learn (mainly about control!) 

2 - I am on week 3 of my new job, I am finding it infinitely more challenging than I imagined but am slowly but surely compiling new knowledge on the world of web and tech. Next week I am attending my second web conference so will hopefully absorb a little more knowledge with each day. Funnily both 1&2 involve a lot of the same traits - perseverance and patience.

3 -I am settling into a new regime:
Monday -  Crossfit
Tuesday - Yoga @ YMCA
Wednesday - Yoga with Bath School of Yoga
Thursday - Crossfit or Run
Friday - Crossfit or Run
Sunday - Yoga and/or Climbing

And of course my daily 7 minutes of Yoga which has proved a really useful tool for encouraging me to practice every day

Have you planned any goals for Autumn/Winter? How are they going?

I wish you every success!


4 November 2014


I refer to MindBodyGreen.com quite often for their advice on such things as healthy eating and dealing with depression. 

Most recently "6 ways to find motivation when you are depressed"
This article is on a similar vein, but seems to be more winter themed! 

5 ways to outshine depression

As before I will summarize the main points in bitesize points here (full article linked above): 

1. Get moving, even if it's just for 5 minutes. 
It only takes 5 minutes of physical activity to activate the ‘good mood’ chemicals in your brain. Those endorphins are our natural anti-depressant,
Often when you feel depressed, you don’t have the energy or desire to exercise, so be gentle with yourself and try to push yourself a little past your comfort zone with this. You will see that exercise will actually increase your energy and improve your mood.

2. Surround yourself with people, preferably positive people. 
Developing a support system is essential in promoting mental health for everyone.

3. Eat healthy foods. 
When you regularly eat unhealthy foods, it affects your mood and can also lead to guilt and shame for making poor choices. The guilt and shame can trigger feelings of depression, and when you are depressed, your brain craves foods high in fat, sugar, and carbs. 

4. Choose positive thoughts. 
Our thoughts are our experiences. So when you think positively, you have a better chance of experiencing positive things around you, negative thoughts can bring down our spirits, so it is important to avoid them as much as possible and to focus on the positive things around us that are happening.

5. Avoid booze. 

Alcohol is sometimes used as a coping mechanism, but is a poor choice for those who are drinking just as an escape or to numb the pain. 


30 October 2014

7 Minute Goal

I have a new goal, one I am initially intending to do every day until christmas in the first instance, and then beyond in 2015 if I can!

7 Minutes seems to be an optimum amount of time, or at least a 'trendy' amount of time to do something, and certainly, one can argue: we can all spare 7 minutes of every day. You can see it suggested here for Workouts, Meditation, and making a good impression

So my goal:
58. 7 Minutes of Yoga. Every. Day

I'm terrible at practicing at home, as I am so easily distracted once I start. Or find myself reluctant to start at all. Not ideal for a Yoga Teacher!

So, thats my new goal, and new 'leaf' I'm turning over. I started this morning with 7 minutes of yoga in my empty office.


29 October 2014

Travel To Do list

Here is the shortlist for the most stylish & unique hotels of the world. A perfect ready-made to do list of places to visit!